Tower Destruction in Maya & Max


You can download project file here.

Tower Destruction in Maya & Max

Tower Destruction in Maya & Max

6 thoughts on “Tower Destruction in Maya & Max

  1. Hi really great Scene.Can you explain how you create the Shader? I see you have a very confused uv. So i cant understand how you create the Shader for the intern and extern pieces.There are no Shaders on the objects.

    Thank you very much for your great video.

  2. hi strooja,
    as i mention in the video i use 2 different render layer for tower, “towerStill” and”towerBeauty”
    i have clear tower render from “towerstill” that we see from the beginnig of a certain frame i switch to “towerBeauty” render layer. there is no extra shader for intern faces. i just assign same shader for all tower parts.
    i used “sourceimages\towerColor.png” (that i have created in mudbox) for pieces and “sourceimages\towerColorTepe.png” for top part of the tower tha we see in the beginng of the shot.
    i hope its clear for you now.
    have a good day.

  3. can you teach us the composite by After Effects because it’s somehow hard for me to use. And actually I don’t understand clearly about the scene you gave us to use (i often use 3ds max and don’t not know so much about Maya and how it renders :(, so can you explain something about your scene. Thank you for reading this 🙂

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